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With over twenty years of experience, Hunter Gibbons is a staffing firm well-versed in providing clients with the industry knowledge and the dedicated service they need to fill their most challenging talent needs. With access to cutting-edge technology and a vast network, Hunter Gibbons is equipped to find talent in a wide array of professional fields, including technology, accounting, finance, medical and other industries. Leveraging our experiences, our employment agency provides a higher level of service, priding ourselves on building strong, professional relationships with leading employers.

Personalized Recruitment Solutions

At Hunter Gibbons, we offer personalized recruitment solutions. Our seasoned recruitment consultants will work with you to identify your recruitment needs and find the right candidates based on your budget, qualifications, and time frame. Whether you are looking to fill a permanent, temporary, or temp-to-hire position, we can connect your company with the best talents in the industry.

Hunter Gibbons is a contingency search firm specializing in the following placements:

  • Permanent
    If your company needs talent that possesses the experience to succeed and the commitment to be a lasting part of the team, Hunter Gibbons can provide you with candidates that not only meet the baseline requirements of the position but are a long-term fit for your company’s culture.
  • Temp
    Finding experienced professionals who are capable of joining a new environment and providing immediate value can be difficult. At Hunter Gibbons, we pride ourselves in procuring talent that can seamlessly integrate into their roles and provide instant production and benefit.
  • Temp-to-hire
    The key to the success of Hunter Gibbons in the temp-to-hire sector is our unique ability to identify and attract motivated professionals. Our integrity and knowledge allow us to connect clients with experienced and exciting talent that has the flexibility to meet the client’s company staffing needs.

Extensive Industry Expertise

We have extensive industry expertise and knowledge in technology, finance, accounting, engineering, and executive level management roles. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable about employment trends and they have specialized experience – we leverage this expertise to find top candidates with the attributes and skills for the position that you are looking for.

Hiring Made Convenient and Efficient

We endeavor to make the hiring process convenient and efficient for all of our clients. Let us do all of the heavy liftings when it comes to finding and recruiting the talent that you need. Our seasoned recruitment consultants can handle all of the time-consuming, complex steps needed to bring a new recruit on board.

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