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At Hunter Gibbons, we want to give you the best experience possible and make you feel confident entrusting us with your requests. We hope these FAQs aid you in your decision to work with us. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.




  1. What are staffing firms?

A staffing firm is an establishment that can hire for temporary or permanent employees. A staffing firm can also be referred to as an employment agency, which provides temporary employees.

  1. How does a staffing firm function?

Staffing firms oversee the hiring of employees. While the client company specifies the amount and type of employees needed as well as the hourly rate, most of the time the firm specifies the hourly rate, though it is negotiable.


Job Recruiters


  1. What kind of services does Hunter Gibbons provide?

We can provide you top staffing and recruitment solutions that guarantees you find your perfect fit. We work with companies of all sizes and strive to find top candidates in technology, finance, accounting, engineering and executive level management roles. Our aim is to find the perfect candidate that reflects both your company culture as well as ideals. What types of positions can my company fill with Hunter Gibbons?

We specialize in placing candidates in temp-to-hire, temp, and permanent positions.

  1. What is the average response time a client can expect when requesting an employee?

Once you request our help, we guarantee a response within 24 hours. We strive to be as responsive as possible with you.

  1. Why should I use staffing services instead of filling the position on my own?

Focusing on temporary employees for now, we can provide these employees to help on a variety of tasks for you. Working with us would ensure that these employees have the necessary skills, education and experience to meet the needs of your company. Moreover, the temporary employees we provide you give the company a chance to try out an employee before making a permanent offer of employment. This also provides time to identify any weaknesses that would not typically be evident in the interview process.

  1. What is Direct Hire Recruiting?

We find your ideal candidate or a short list of ideal candidates for you and the decision to hire is left up to you. Our job at Hunter Gibbons is to make the connections and find the perfect fit for you, and for whom you will be the perfect job. Once you directly hire them, we’re out of the picture, until you require another position to fill.

  1. What is Temporary Placement?

We hire the employee and place them in your open position. At the end of the temporary employment, we move him or her to another position and fill in the now open position with a new temporary employee. That is, if the position still needs to be filled. You could also offer your temporary employee a permanent position if you wish.

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Job Seekers


  1. How long do people hold temporary jobs?

The duration varies widely and depends on what a company is looking for. Temporary jobs could also potentially turn into permanent jobs should a company decide to do so.

  1. What types of assignments does Hunter Gibbons offer?

We specialize in Accounting/Finance and IT/Engineering, though we also work in other industries as well.

  1. Why should I work with a staffing agency to find a job?

We do the leg work for you. We find positions that we believe suit you best, so you don’t have to stress over sending in multiple applications yourself. Also, once you are placed through us, you get the opportunity to work in a position and make sure it’s the right fit and vice versa. You not only gain experience and skills, but also solidify that the company you work for is the right one for you.

  1. What services can Hunter Gibbons provide for me?

We represent multiple companies and cover many industries meaning with your one application, you could be considered for a wider variety and number of positions. The more interviews, the more chances of landing your next job. In addition, before any interview, we always fully prep you to ensure it is smooth sailing. We want the best for our candidates.